How to make a website


My name is Michael Forde

  • Computer Science student

  • Netsoc Sysadmins

  • My blog forde.blog

How are we going to make a website?



What is WordPress…

WordPress is the simplest, most popular way to create your own website or blog

“In fact you can use WordPress to build literally any online site!”

You do not need any coding knowledge?


Example of WordPress websites:

WordPress is suitable for:

  • Blog websites

  • Personal portfolios or resumes

  • Showcasing products

  • E-commerce websites like shops

  • Societys, Clubs, Communitys, etc.

Lets Get Started!

You Will Need:

  1. Computer or a laptop

  2. Webserver/hosting (Netsoc Provides this for FREE)

  3. Domain e.g. google.ie or forde.blog (Netsoc Provides user.netsoc.co for FREE aswell)

Sign up to the Netsoc server:

  1. First go to netsoc.co and navigate to “Server Signup”, This will bring you to admin.netsoc.co

  2. Click on “Sign Up” and enter your “Student Email”, then click “Send Verification” and enter your details

  3. You will get another email with your password to the server and the username you chose in the sign up

SSH to the Netsoc server on LINUX/MAC:

  • Open your terminal and type

    ssh user@leela.netsoc.co

  • Replace user with your own username which was also provided on the email,

  • You should get promted for your password, on your first time you will have to accept eula by typing ‘yes’


SSH into the Netsoc server on WINDOWS:

  • If on Windows you must download Putty and open it

  • Click SSH and into “host” type


  • You will get promted to accept the eula, just click on ‘yes’

  • Finally, you will be asked into a username and password, these are both provided in the email


Lets get to Installing WordPress:

  1. login to your admin.netsoc.co and navigate to “WordPress” and click the “Install” Button

  2. Follow the link to finish up and enter your details

  3. Now go to {user}.netsoc.co

yay!!, you just made a website!!


Lets add a theme!

  1. If you haven’t already, login at {user}.netsoc.co/wordpress/admin

  2. Go to “Appearance”“Themes”

  3. Click on the “Add New” button at the top

  4. Now lets find one!!

Now make a post


plugins to get:

  1. Contact Form 7 - Simple contact form creator

  2. Duplicate Post - Allows you to copy pages/posts

  3. All In One SEO - Makes it easy for search engines to find your content

  4. TinyMCE Advanced - Makes the editor more like Microsoft Word

  5. Sucuri Security - Auditing, Malware Scanner and Hardening